Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fundraising Success!!

On Sunday, April 10th we were so happy to be able to hold a fundraiser for our natural playscape project.  Lois LaFond and the Rockadiles, a very fun band that plays children's music that 
everyone can enjoy (that includes parents!), so kindly offered to provide the entertainment for us!!!

As the music played and the families danced together, we also held a silent and live auction with all the lovely items donated by our wonderful families and amazing teachers!!
So much gratitude goes out to all of you who helped make this possible, to Lois and her talented crew, the parents and teachers who donated silent auction items and volunteered time to this event.  To the Lazy Dog for providing the space for our event.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks to everyone's efforts w were able to raise over $2,100 towards our playscape project!  This means we'll be breaking ground on our garden expansion soon!

For those who wanted to come and donate to the playscape but were unable to be there, there is still a link to our Paypal donation page here, on our website's natural playscape page.