Friday, September 14, 2012

Fundraising Fun!!!

The day of the fundraiser arrived and it was gorgeous one!  With the help of many, wonderful volunteers, we rapidly turned our yard into mini-festival grounds.  

The bouncy castle was brought out of hiding.
The Family Tent was set up and equipped.
(Thank you Ric for the tent and Dorje and Sarah for the face-painting)

Jenn Cleary
We were so blessed to have the help of the lovely and talented Jenn Cleary.  She provided the PA system and MC'd the stage with professionalism and grace.

We love Jenn!

She is also Dorje's mom, so we double-ley love her!  Here is a site where you can learn more about her music, local gigs and albums.
Jenn introducing Karen Horan

Jenny Hodgson

Thank you to our lovely and talented singer/songwriters!  
Kriya (w/ Jaz performing creative dance)
Antonia A. Lopez
Isabelle Davis
Gene Ira Katz
Karen Horan
Jenny Hodgson
Greg Johnson
Mark Risius

(contact info for artists and musicians below)

Greg Johnson
Bree Ruen did some art at the scene.

Sarah the face-painter was really good!

Dorje had some really fun art projects!

John Bunzli
The sandbox provided plenty of entertainment, and it's in a
good place to see the music too!

Checking out the art and jewelry made by Karen A Dombrowski-Sobel

About the Artists:

Through the many years I have spent painting, drawing, and studying art, I have gained a sensitivity for all that it takes to make a great piece of art, along with the skills needed to produce it.  My fifteen years working as an architectural designer, has given me the sensibility for design, composition, and structure. Having a strong connection with the environment and nature has created a desire to enlighten people about how sacred, and ephemeral the land we take for granted is.  So, I now use my photography, to do this. 

Photography is a mystical experience for me. It is a way for me to express the inexpressible, that which is sacred, in a world where not enough is held with high regard.  

Trees and plants have become my focus, as I have sensed an urgency to stop the clear cutting and killing of our precious trees. So, I use my photography to show people the beauty and importance of trees and plants in our lives, and in the macrocosm of the environment. There is a great impact that each tree and plant has in our lives, making us happier, healthier and giving us a future to look forward to. My great passion is to continue creating fine images that evoke the mystery of nature while giving each subject a sense of the sacred.


A Naïve Artist: painting with a
childlike simplicity in style & technique.
Born and raised in Iowa, with 1 year of
self-taught art under her belt, she
prefers painting on Vinyl & utilizing recyclable materials.
Her brush strokes reveal a magical reality
inspired by nature & emotion.

 Sarah Workneh the face-painter:


Jenn Cleary:

Mark Risius

John Bunzli

Karen Horan: To be on her mailing list you can


Antonio A.


Gene Ira Katz:

Thank you so much everyone!

Stage Building....and has anyone ever done this before?

We jumped feet first into the latest project, that of building a stage from log rounds.  It's easier to explain in pictures, so...

We dug a ginormous hole and filled it with pea gravel
(fortunately we had a lot of that!)

2 X 12 boards served as the frame for the stage

Getting the frame level and straight was a real time-consumer.
Thanks Jeremy and Richard for your help!

Leveling logs until late at night

Ready for concrete!

Rowan was most patient as his mom was 100% occupied with stage building

Can I stand on the big stump NOW?


Mixing concrete, no small task, no easy task, each bag weighs 80 pounds!

And each log was carefully surrounded by the concrete and packed tight.

13 bags of concrete = 1,040 lbs. carried and mixed by hand!

Is this ever going to be done?