Saturday, October 1, 2011

Building the Playscape - Hill and slide with dry creek bed area

Phase 1 was to remove all the plastic climbing toys from the pea gravel area and replace them with logs and stumps.  (Thank you Parker Tree Service in Longmont for the materials!)  But that was just the midway step, until funds could be raised to complete the work.  

After the fundraiser on September 18th, we had enough to hire a skid steer driver and purchase sod and top soil to make the project happen!!!  
First we had a most helpful and enthusiastic driver who came and put in a whole lot of work one day, he pushed the pea gravel aside and dug down into the ground to make a river bed for our pea gravel.

We began building a hill using the leftover fill dirt from the river bed.

Now we had a very changed landscape and it still needed a lot of work before the kids could come explore:
We installed a sprinkler system under the newly-dug area
20 years of compacted dirt was not easy to dig up!!!

After that, top soil and sod were placed along with flagstones and it quickly transformed the appearance and use of this area: