Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break and new inspiration!

Well, I've had several "aha" moments while working on the playscape over the break.  Sometimes I need a change in pace, a release from the ordinary tasks to dream up the really big stuff.

Future "Elm Tree-House Stage"
The first inspiration came when I was trying to come up with a design for the Treehouse, and suddenly thought how cool it would be to make it so it was "convertible", and able to transform into a stage for occasions when having a live, kid-friendly venue is beneficial.  Fundraisers, community meetings, parent meetings, family events, workshops, classes, community theater, open mics, the list is endless!

Stay tuned for sketches and a master supply list 
and please keep your ear to the ground for a good source of LOGS! We'll need a few. 

The second idea has do with the open grassy area just north of the sandbox.  It sits between two sidewalks and as of now, has no function, but I've carried around this idea that "something" wants to be there.  So I sat looking at it yesterday and it came to me!   I've decided to call the feature the center for "Mixology Studies" and create a permanent, circular area for water, sand, rocks, etc to be mixed in various combinations and cleaned up easily.  Kind of like a sensory table meets nature/science discovery table.  I will also work on preliminary sketches to post later.

Meanwhile, I have my work cut out for me finishing the dirt digging area storage, the greenhouse interior, decking out the art area and completing a mural for the "parking garage"!
Storage for Dirt Digging Feature

I'll be painting the chalkboard with purple chalkboard paint and hopefully acquiring some strong plexiglass to put up along the right side for painting on (easy clean-up) and a shelf for drying artwork above the chalkboard.  

And hopefully, keep your fingers crossed for me, I like to finish planting the slide in the big hill and building the platform for the top.

Work in progress

We are in need of ornamental grass donations to complete the slide hill/river bed feature, as soon as the last frost is passed, we will need to plant 10 ornamental grasses total of various sizes so if you are interested in purchasing them for the center as a donation or requesting donations of the plants from local growers please send us an email and we'll get you all the info for specific plant needs!

Happy gardening!

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