Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Center of Mixology

Ok, as nerdy as that sounds, this is going to be a really cool feature in our playscape!  And best of all, so far all the pieces have been free!  So I first thought of this over spring break, here is the space I hope to turn into the feature:

Then this nice man gave me an old bottom part of a fire pit.
At first, I wasn't sure what to do with it, then I thought, Aha!
center of mixology!!!
So now I had this cool dish for mixing in, but I really wanted a stand to set it up on and make it about kid-table height.  
I even imagined, and drew pictures of the exact item I would need, a table, preferably metal, and it needed to have a circle inset in the middle to allow the fire pit piece to fit snugly in.

One day I was walking from Elm Tree towards the market area and saw someone leaving furniture by the curb directly across the street from Elm Tree, and I was sure amazed to see the fellow carry this item out from his apartment: 

The very thing I wanted, free, and sitting across the street!

Sometimes the universe says "yes, that is a great idea and here, I'll even help you out with that..."
Now I think if we could get our hands on about 100 sq ft of pavers or bricks we can put this in!
Cool!  Can't wait to install!

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