Friday, September 14, 2012

Stage Building....and has anyone ever done this before?

We jumped feet first into the latest project, that of building a stage from log rounds.  It's easier to explain in pictures, so...

We dug a ginormous hole and filled it with pea gravel
(fortunately we had a lot of that!)

2 X 12 boards served as the frame for the stage

Getting the frame level and straight was a real time-consumer.
Thanks Jeremy and Richard for your help!

Leveling logs until late at night

Ready for concrete!

Rowan was most patient as his mom was 100% occupied with stage building

Can I stand on the big stump NOW?


Mixing concrete, no small task, no easy task, each bag weighs 80 pounds!

And each log was carefully surrounded by the concrete and packed tight.

13 bags of concrete = 1,040 lbs. carried and mixed by hand!

Is this ever going to be done?

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