Monday, October 18, 2010

How to put the "fun" in fundraising

Toddler Art Show

So, we've got a great idea - to frame, mat and display toddler art pieces and show it off as the "real" art that it really is.  Many contemporary artists would be hard pressed to find such freedom of expression, such joy in each and every stroke.  Not to mention the fact that some of the work they do is simply gorgeous and would look great hanging on YOUR wall.  Think what a great story it would make too!

We'd like to put together this art show/fundraiser in a great venue, one where the art is visible and there is plenty of daily foot traffic, so probably a coffee shop or cafe in the local area would work best. 

For opening night we'll like to host some live music from local musicians.  January or February would be perfect, timing-wise, for us.  If you'd like to be involved, help us think of the perfect location and ask your favorite local musicians if they'd help with a benefit concert! 

For another fundraiser, families may purchase some really great kid's music CD's for sale by Lois LaFond and the Rockadiles.  Lois, who has a grandchild currently in the program, has generously offered to donate 1/2 of the proceeds from each CD sale to our Natural Playscape fund.  Please visit the link above for purchase information.

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