Monday, October 11, 2010

Assembling the Outdoor Art Area

Phase 1 - Part II

Now that our concrete has been poured, we can dive into part two of this project: the outdoor art area.  We're so excited to have a place that is out of the weather to work on art and fine motor activities year round.  It will also be nice to have storage for our art supplies where they can't be blown away, rained/snowed on or taken captive by squirrels! 

We're working with an extremely tight budget so we'll need to find "previously loved" items for our art area if possible.  The items we need for this project are:
Getting There

1. Outdoor art storage that is weather, wind and squirrel proof, child-proof locks would be nice for some of the storage too, so we can keep "supervisable" materials outside and get them out as needed.

***Update***  We were able to sell a $65 backpack from our unsold yard sale items on craigslist and the same day pick up these nice metal shelves, also on craigslist, for $65!  We took the doors off of one of them so they could be kid accessible, the second one we left the doors on for storing outdoor art supplies.

2.  Art tables, weather proof, kid-art-proof and sturdy.  It would be great if they could be easily cleanable so they could double as outdoor snack and lunch tables.

Outdoor art chairs

3.  Chairs small enough for toddlers, and weather proof.

***Update***  We sold another yard sale item, a carseat for $35 and received an additional $30 in yard sale funds still owed to us, with this we were able to purchase 12 nice preschool-style chairs for $50 on craigslist, they normally sell for $30 each, and put the remaining $15 towards art tables!

4.  Chalkboard and easels - we already have these, but the chalkboards need a new coat of chalkboard paint and some buckets for chalk and erasers mounted on the wall for easy access. 

5. Planters to enclose the art area and protect it from "car traffic".  They will also extend our gardening options so in the spring and summer we can have flowers and veggies growing at kid height!  It would be ideal to find some that are already made, but we do have some extra lumber lying around and could try to make our own!

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