Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Expansion!!!



 It was a fabulous and exciting day when we took apart our previous garden,  though it felt weird to be tearing it down.  So many happy days spent there water our vegetables and picking tomatoes.  But I know our new garden will be every bit as wonderful, maybe even better!

Nephra's folks are helping head up the garden committee for this project.  Many thanks to Victoria and Ken Brunner for sharing their enthusiasm and expertise with The Elm Tree!  I remember discussing the garden project with them last fall at our Yard Sale and it seemed so far away, and now here we were, digging up the fence, taking apart the raised beds and planning an even bigger garden complete with greenhouse!

Sonia Schnitzer, Connie Hoffman, Megan and Charles Drimel as well as their delightful young ones all showed up for the garden tear-down day.  We transplanted some strawberry plants in hopes they would entertain the notion of being potted plants for a few weeks.

It turned out to be lovely day for working on a garden, not too hot or too cold, the kids alternated between playing in the yard and helping out the grownups and we finished up everything we'd planned to get done that day!  Hurray, hurray!!!

Last September - Before remodel

Tear-down complete, wow!!!!

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