Friday, June 24, 2011

Greenhouse and Garden Project continues....

Roughly-framed in
Looking more solid! 

The greenhouse was a bigger-than-anticipated project but it is now nearing completion.  We are using reclaimed lumber, and recycled RTD bus shelter plexiglass to build a small (7 X7) greenhouse.  Perhaps next spring we can start from seed everything that we plan to grow!  We are very much looking forward to the extended growing season!

Once the outside of the greenhouse is finished we will still have much to do to prepare the inside.  Following is a list of elements needed to complete our greenhouse!

  • Shelving - waterproof shelves, can be attached to the wood frame of the greenhouse (metal or coated metal would be best)
  • Cabinets - a corner and short (4-5ft) section of counter top and cabinets for planting on and storing our supplies and some overhead cabinets would be good to have as well
  • Children's planting table - toddler sized and roughly 2ft X 3ft, best if the surface is resistant to water
  • Rain-water collection system (barrel, hoses, spout, etc)
  • Drip irrigation supplies
  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
Many Thanks to Jeremy for
his help building the greenhouse!

It looks really neat inside with the sanded
plexiglass against the blue sky

So close!  Just a few more days and we'll have a
completed garden for the children to explore!

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