Sunday, July 22, 2012

Forest Garden - Phase one

The forest garden, complete with stepping stones and plants!

We planted greenhouse overflow plants, mainly tomatoes and pumpkins in the space for the summer and we put in perennial herbs like oregano, sage and thyme as well.  In the fall we hope to raise enough money at a fundraiser to purchase the trees and bushes for the garden.  The trees we'd like to include are peach, plum, cherry, apple, apricot and pear and we need about 5 blueberry bushes (of various sizes and varieties), 2 thornless blackberries and 2 raspberry bushes to complete the garden.. OH, and a really cool stone bench for sitting in the center of the fruit trees and maybe a great stone statue or fountain or some garden art to include would be super cool too!

And here are some photos to document the front yard, as it has made some big changes lately!

Lawn removal: in progress

Looking good!  Can't wait to see it with trees!

Parent helpers are the best. (: 
I always like me a before and after picture, but this is just the before and "phase 1" photos:

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