Sunday, July 22, 2012

The chickens have arrived!

The past 10 days have been spent working very hard on finishing up the outside fence for the chickens.  I learned of 5 hens that some neighbors wanted to donate to us.....they are older and thus lay less eggs than young hens, but for our purposes they are perfect!

So, we finished the coop on Thursday and just in time, because the chickens came to us on Friday!  Five beautiful white hens, a matching set.  It's hard to tell them apart, in my personal opinion, but my son has already set to naming them, he has bestowed "Furry Murry" "Red Head" and "skinny" upon three of them, but don't ask me which one is which!

First, there were no chickens

Almost there...
And done!

The "girls" are all very calm and sweet

Inside the coop

We will be setting up our chicken-duty schedules very soon, families can sign up for Morning or Evening chicken duty, it takes about 15 minutes each time to attend to their needs and is actually quite fun!

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